The impact of clinicopathological parameters and the expression of HER-2 proteins on the survival of gastric cancer patients

Edina Lazović Salčin, Mirsad Dorić, Nina Čamdžić, Suada Kuskunović-Vlahovljak, Svjetlana Radović, Mirsad Babić


Objective: Many studies offer controversial data related to factors that influance prognosis in gastric cancer. The aim of this study was to investigate impact ofclinicopathological parameters and expression of HER-2 proteins on survival in gastric carcinoma.

Methods: Tissue samples of 50 patients with Billroth II surgery resection were selected for this pathological condition at the Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Sarajevo. Clinical and morphological data for each case were classified and interpreted according to the evaluation protocol recommended by the American Joint Committee of Cancer (AJCC) and International Union against Cancer (IUCC). HER-2 protein expression was assessed by immunohistochemical staining.

Results: There was significant difference in survival distributions for the grade 1 vs 2, χ2(1)=8.852, p=0.003, grade 1 vs 3, χ2(1)=7.131, p=0.008, and grade 1 vs 4, χ2(1)=8.284, p=0.004.The survival distributions for the pT stages were significantly different, χ2(3)=8.744, p<0.05. There was a statistically significant difference in survival distributions for the pT2 vs. pT3 stage, χ2(1)=6.595, p=0.010.The survival distributions for the four pN stages were statistically significantly different, χ2(3)=11.468, p<0.01. There was a statistically significant difference in survival distributions for the pN0 stage vs. pN3 stage χ2(1)=7.449, p= 0.006. There was no statistically significant difference in survival between patients with HER-2 positive and HER-2 negative tumors (p>0.05).

Conclusion: Results of our study confirmed the significance of standard clinicopathological parameters as prognostic factors in term of overall survival. HER-2 expression was not found as significant prognostic factor of survival.

Keywords: gastric cancer, clinicopathological paramteres, HER-2,survival

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