Turning the Challenge into Opportunity – A Strategic Framework for the

Sabrina Mustoo, Lejla Gurbeta



In respect with growing population, health care systems are becoming main priority in social-economy policies. Within the modern health care system, overcoming challenges in human health protection, disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients require engineering involvement. Investment in biomedical engineering (BME) creates a base for progress in many fields, from cutting health care expenses, better quality and accuracy in diagnosis and patient treatment, increase of medical therapies reliability and, finally, improved populations’ life quality. Economic growth, improvement and competitiveness of the country through BME require highly educated engineers, appropriate legislative in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) and government support. Main goal of this article is to present the basic strategic framework necessary for BME development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with potential to influence economic growth. This cause-a-consequent connection between economic growth and BME is still unexplored in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Discussing the BME phenomena in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a great significance since it can determine the possible reason for increase in its internal and external funding. The future holds so far unexplored possibilities in the field of BME in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which can lead to social and economic progress, and the first step toward it is to create a strategic framework as a foundation.

Keywords: biomedical engineering, strategic framework, education, knowledge society, economic growth & development

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