In vitro models to determine the pharmacokinetic parameters

Belma Pehlivanović



The pharmaceutical industry seeks to more efficient and precise determination of the main pharmacokinetic parameters of existing and new drugs, and therefor uses new in vitro models that show a high degree of correlation with in vivo response.

Determination of intestinal absorption, metabolic transformations and metabolic profile of drugs is carried out using the laboratory in vitro models, which represent innovative basis for determination of absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination (ADME) of drugs .

The aim of this paper is to present three most important in vitro models, their properties and applications in the pharmaceutical industry when determining the pharmacokinetic parameters.

The rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry expressed the need for in vitro models for the determination of pharmacokinetic parameters in the laboratories that want to increase their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Keywords: pharmacokinetics, drugs, parameters, in vitro models

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